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    Thank you for the lovely poetry ebook. The words in your book were full of
    comfort and compassion and I found many beautiful poems amongst your

    Your tips and the advice you give in the book are very helpful and
    will be invaluable to anyone who is dealing with a bereavement.

    -Suzanne Morrison
    Scotland, UK

    “A wonderful source of inspiration and support. Always handy”.

    -K Munro
    New Zealand

    Grief Resources

    Funeral Celebrants Worldwide >> more

    What do I say to someone who is grieving?  

    Do you admire those rare people who effortlessly say the right thing at the right time? In difficult circumstances, they seem to say the most elegant and graceful words of sympathy or support to compassionately match the occasion.

    But few have this rare gift. For the vast majority of us, coming up with the right words in the right situation takes much thought and effort. >> more

    What are the emotional and physical signs of grief? 

    The emotional and physical expressions of grief are often the most obvious part of mourning. Everyone expresses sadness and loss in different ways. There are some common characteristics however, that occur when one is experiencing great loss and sadness. >> more  

    What do I write in a sympathy or condolence letter? 

    Grieving family members often look forward to the arrival of mail during the first few days following the death of a loved one. They can recieve great comfort from reading engaging and heartfelt letters and notes acknowledging their loss. 

    How do I talk to children about death? 

    When discussing death, always use language that the child will understand. >> more

    What do Grieving Mothers Want for Mothers’s Day? 

    Has this ever happened to you? 

    Someone you care about–a family member, a friend or an acquaintance – has lost a child and you don’t know what to say or do to comfort their grief? 

    As Mother’s Day approaches, even though they are heavy on your heart, your fear and discomfort drives you into silence and you end up saying and doing nothing at all.>> more
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