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    Thank you for the lovely poetry ebook. The words in your book were full of
    comfort and compassion and I found many beautiful poems amongst your

    Your tips and the advice you give in the book are very helpful and
    will be invaluable to anyone who is dealing with a bereavement.

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    -Suzanne Morrison
    Scotland, UK

    “A wonderful source of inspiration and support. Always handy”.

    -K Munro
    New Zealand

    What is an Ebook and how do I view One?

    An EBook is an Electronic Book that can be viewed on your computer screen or printed out.

    There are many advantages of Ebooks over physical books.

    1) You can instantly download an Ebook to your computer and read it immediately –     there is no waiting for the book to be delivered.

    2) As you read the Ebook on yor computer, you can click on the links within the           book and be taken to the web pages immediately. 

    3) You can quickly and easily search for a specific word or group of words. 

    4) It is environmentally friendly – no trees are used to create an Ebook!

    The Funeral Poems EBook comes as a PDF. This stands for “Portable Document Format” and is a format that can be viewed on any computer, as long as a PDF reader is installed. To determine if you have a PDF reader installed on your computer,  just click this link 84 Funeral Poem EBook Contents.  

    Can you see the front cover and the table of contents?  If so, you already have a PDF reader installed. 

    If you don’t have a PDF reader installed, the good news is you can download one for FREE by following this link Adobe Reader

    When you order the Funeral Poems EBook, after your payment, you will be directed to a download page where you can download the EBook. To ensure a speedy download, the EBook and bonuses have been enclosed in a special package called “Zip File”.  You will need to use a program such as Winzip to extract the files within it. 

    Again if you don’t have a Winzip or a simialr program installed, you can download a free version of Winzip here.    

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